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“The Lost Thing” Exhibition

On a recent trip to Melbourne I went to an exhibition of Shaun Tan’s “The Lost Thing”.  I’ve blogged before about Shaun Tan and his work, so it should come as no surprise when I say that I was really, really excited about this exhibition and it did not disappoint. The exhibition was absolutely fantastic! As the […]


Well, I have waited long enough.  Sometimes I can be rather impatient, especially when there’s good news to share, I thought that perhaps Mel might have shared her success on our blog, but alas she has not. So, I’m going to instead! As you know, I was a little cheerleader asking people to vote for Mel. […]

Soaking up inspiration

After the whirlwind of activity that established ‘Show and Tell’ you may be wondering what has been happening with us…where have we been? Well, for one Bec and I have been extremely busy with the last couple of weeks of a school year and now that the summer holiday has begun we find ourselves road […]

Vote for Mel!

          Today I have my cheerleader pompoms and I’m cheering my business associate, blog partner and friend Mel (aka Show). She has entered a drawing competition: The Best of British.  Voting begins today! This competition is run by Derwent Pencils and the public get to vote for their favorite.  Now I know that […]