About Show AND Tell

(Emphasis on the AND.)

They say two heads are better than one and for Show and Tell (or Mel and Bec) this stands true. As individuals they each have a sense of fun and definitely a little bit of quirkiness too, it is this combination that inspired them to collaborate as they find their way.

They met, one hot, sunny day in the middle of the desert. It was fate.  In the middle of this scorched land, they found that they could flourish and feed off each other’s creativity and energy, no longer stuck in an arid void they were able to enjoy the different perspectives and viewpoints they each brought to the same project.

One evening, having been out wandering in the thick, humid air they became a little delirious and in a fit of giggles, created the ‘WWF’, obviously they were not referring to wresting or animals but  the World Writing Federation ( they think big, and definitely don’t do things by half).

In the beginning….

It was this initial idea that prompted their collaboration, albeit they had to rethink the name, but is was the beginning of what they hope to be a crazy, energetic collaboration and friendship.

They are, quite simply  Ying to each others Yang, with a freakish amount in common, it is easy to see why they work well together:

  • same-ish history, both were born in Scotland and then grew up overseas and are both now living in Qatar,
  • same career choice, both are totally awesome teachers,
  • same love of scarves, they even own the same one,
  • same sense of humor
  • same understanding on the importance of the whole outfit
It could be said, that it’s their quirks and contrasts that makes this team tick:
  • Mel likes her tea milky and Bec likes her with just a drop of milk,
  • Mel loves olives and Bec replies on Mel to  eat the olives off her pizza,
  • Mel is right, Bec is left
  • Mel has straight hair, Bec has curly hair
  • Mel is a Kiwi, Bec an Aussie

So, what is the point of all of this? It’s a platform for both Show and Tell to share their experiences of collaborating, rejection, finding an agent, submitting work, drafting, receiving constructive feedback, getting published from the perspective of an illustrator and of an author.

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